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So Soya+

A Canadian and U.S. based company


In 1999 the foundation for So Soya+ was laid. It is owned and operated by the Raj family in Canada and the Parris family in the United States. Since then, they have been systematically building a strong infrastructure to secure their position as the preferred brand in the market. The company has a strong presence in Canada, but is currently expanding its presence in the United States and globally. So Soya+ product line is vegan and consists of: Veggie Chick’n, Veggie Ground Burger, Veggie Steak and sea salted, unsalted, Onion garlic soy nuts.


So Soya+ mission is to educate and enhance the lives of our consumer’s “One Taste at a Time.”

Corporate General Partners:
Bravin Rasa and the Raj Family
L. J. Parris, MBA and the Parris Family


Our vision is clear. It is to become the leading lifestyle brand in the world by expanding current product offers to entirely new markets and offering a premium product that is closely aligned with consumers desires.

The Team:

We are a dynamic team of five partners and 30 employees, with a vision and drive for excellence. All comprised of different backgrounds and experience. Our premiere focus is sales, marketing, and innovative branding strategies. We aim to increase sales channels, develop global distribution and build strategic relationships.

Corporate Team:
Janet Williams, MBA, CEO
Bravin Rasa, President of Canadian Division
Meelan Raj, Vice President of Canadian Operations
Erika Herndon-Parris, President of US Division

Global Partners in Dubai, Jordan & China

Distribution and Sales:
So Soya+
President of Distribution:
Andre Campbell

Contact: 877-932-SOYA (7692) Ext. 101

Director of Distribution:
Dr. Cleopas Williams
Contact: 877-932-SOYA (7692) Ext. 102

Corporate Executive Advisors:
Dr. S. J. Kennedy
J. Cheung
M. Daniels
E. Harrison
T. Holmes

Corporate Executive Marketing:
ACMPR Public Relations


Factory overview and machinery:

So Soya+ is packaged and manufactured in our 10,000 square ft. facility in Canada. Our equipment not only focuses on our technology aspects but health requirements during the process of production.

So Soya+ 115 Torbay Rd., #6B Markham, ON. L3R 2M9, Canada

So soya+

United States 530 Ray Street Freeport, NY, 11520


Branding and Marketing:

  •   Event marketing campaigns.
  •   Product can distinguish itself on the basis of pricing, quality or region.
  •   Generate worldwide consumer and media awareness.
  •   Progressive marketing strategy.
  •   Differentiated product.The company has engaged ACMPR Public Relations to execute on some of the branding tactics and rollout So Soya+ 2014 event marketing campaigns to establish a lifestyle brand of choice globally. A focus has been placed on product packaging, endorsements and sponsorships to grow mind share and increase sales of the brand among its targeted consumers. ACMPR Public Relations has created an event marketing program to generate worldwide consumer and media awareness in the targeted entertainment, sports, and lifestyle arenas.
  • In keeping with the So Soya+ brand strategy, our products fit our consumers’ active and healthy lifestyle. Soy based products when prepared tastes just like meat and even has the same texture as meat. So Soya+ is available in three varieties – Veggie chicken strips, Veggie Steak Style Strips and ground veggie burger. It contains Non-GMO soy beans, 52% Protein, No Cholesterol, No Fat, Gluten Free and 18% Dietary Fiber. So Soya+ Veggie Meat products are dehydrated and therefore have two years shelf life without any additives or preservatives. One box makes four servings in 5 to 10 minutes.We expect these product lines to help establish our position in the rapidly growing soy foods market and chart new ground along the way. It is an exciting time for the company, as we actively strengthen the equity of the So Soya+ brand.

Our goal is to expand current product offers to entirely new markets. So Soya+ sponsors various cultural events, prepares So Soya+ meals in the community and donates products to various non-profit organizations.


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