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Why should you eat SO SOYA+?

SO SOYA+ is made from carefully selected Non-GMO soy beans. SO SOYA+ is one product you can count on to be natural. The only ingredient is fat free soy flour! SO SOYA+ has 52% PROTEIN. Protein helps build antibodies and helps build and repair body tissues. SO SOYA+ has 30% CARBOHYDRATES. Carbohydrates supply energy and assist in the utilization of fats. SO SOYA+ has 18% DIETARY FIBER. Mother Nature can be proud of this accomplishment! SO SOYA+ is CHOLESTEROL FREE. SO SOYA+ is also FAT FREE. Need we say more?

What are SO SOYA+’s miracle Properties?

Over the last few decades, many Universities have researched the soy bean and any health benefits it might have. Check out your favorite nutrition, health, fitness or women’s magazines for more information on the wholesome goodness of soy.

What does SO SOYA+ taste and feel like?

Because of various taste preferences and dietary restrictions, we’ve kept SO SOYA+ natural. SO SOYA+ has a bland taste on its own, and it’s absorbency gives it immense versatility. Whatever flavors surround SO SOYA+ are readily absorbed right into the soy pieces. Now you can flavor your soy food the way you like! The texture of SO SOYA+ is NOT at all like tofu. Research shows that people prefer meat alternatives that have a texture similar to what we’re already familiar with. Therefore, we designed So Soya+ to have a consistency very similar to the texture of meat.

What is the shelf life of SO SOYA+?

SO SOYA+ is a dry product therefore germs do not form easily on dry substances. SO SOYA+ can be stored in excess of 2 years in the original dry form, and once cooked, should be treated like meat. (Can be refrigerated for a few days or frozen for even longer.)

Is SO SOYA+ the same as Tofu?

No. They are both made from soy, and that’s where the similarities end. By November 1999, we’d heard lots of consumers assuming that since SO SOYA + was made from soy, that it was tofu. Enough was enough! We launched a SO SOYA+ TASTE TEST. We prepared SO SOYA+ and tofu in exactly the same manner and asked consumers to taste both and fill out ballots giving us their honest opinion. Of the 431 people who participated, over 81% preferred SO SOYA+!

Let’s discuss the differences. Tofu is made from soy milk. This gives it a wet, spongy texture. Like a wet sponge that can’t absorb any more liquid, it is very difficult to get tofu to absorb either liquid or any flavor. What you end up with is a food that is bland, and has a mushy, unfamiliar texture to most people. Let’s be honest. If we don’t like something, no matter how good it is for us, we’re not likely to eat it. Right? Well, this is where SO SOYA+ comes to the rescue! SO SOYA+ is made from fat-free soy flour. That’s it. There’s nothing else to declare. It’s dehydrated and has no flavor added. That’s as pure as you can get. As we likened tofu to a wet sponge, let’s liken dehydrated SO SOYA+ to a dry sponge. It can easily absorb whatever liquids surround it – right into the center of the meaty morsels. As it absorbs liquid, it also absorbs whatever flavor you give it. The texture of SO SOYA+ is very familiar and meaty. At demonstrations, we’re often asked what kind of meat the people are sampling. How’s that for convincing? In other words, what you end up with when using SO SOYA+ is a food that has whatever flavor you give it, in a familiar, meaty texture. This doesn’t take any getting used to at all!

For once, healthy doesn’t have to be unappetizing! SO SOYA+ stores in the cupboard. TOFU requires valuable refrigeration space. SO SOYA+ has a 2 year shelf life. TOFU may have up to a 14 day shelf life. SO SOYA+ does not need any maintenance. You may need to change the water TOFU is sitting in every few days. SO SOYA+ has no additives or preservatives. TOFU may contain additives and preservatives. SO SOYA+ has a firm texture that holds together when cooking. TOFU has a soft texture that may break apart when cooking. SO SOYA+ is fat free and cholesterol free. TOFU may contain fat. SO SOYA+ comes in shapes, so does not need to be cut or sliced. TOFU often needs to be cut or sliced. From this comparison, I’m sure you’ll agree that SO SOYA+ is definitely more convenient to cook with and has a much broader scope of possibilities for your dining pleasure! In spite of these differences, TOFU is still a great meat alternative, however, SO SOYA+ will convert the even the most discerning non-vegetarian.

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